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Determine WHO you are and say YES! to more focused, meaningful work. | taught by Yolanda Brown, MBA

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Get Direction For Your Business and Life Quickly So You Can Work in Your Passion NOW

Are you frustrated about saying YES to everything? 

Tell me if one of these describes you:

  1. You are ambitious, motivated, and desire to make great positive contributions to your community but you really find yourself in the role of doing a lot of what others ask you to do. 
  2. You are unsure of what you really want to do with your life, so you contribute your amazing talents and gifts to just about anything.
  3. You know that God has called you to a higher level, but you don't know what to focus on.
  4. You never have the time to do what you really want to do in work and your personal life.
If any of these sound like you, believe me when I say, you are not alone. You might even know someone in your circle who could also fit any one of those descriptions (I have the survey results to prove it :-)). 

I'm just a multi-passionate person. A go-getter. A dreamer.

As someone called to entrepreneurship or leadership, it's so easy to take on projects that:
  • seem incredibly interesting even if they don't fit your goals
  • lets you use skills you want to use but don't get to in your regular working life
  • simply to not disappoint others in your circle, family or network

But taking on projects that don't fit who you are may cause you to:

  • spend too much energy in ways that are ultimately unappreciated
  • stay unfocused on what you need to do NOW and instead keep collecting ideas of what you want to do in the future
  • adopt behaviors you don't value, creating stress you don't need

Not to mention the TIME they take away from what you would rather be doing with your life like taking care of yourself or spending more quality time with your family...

I really don't have the time for ALL OF THIS.

One of the number one complaints that I have heard from entrepreneurs and leaders is they just don't have enough time... 

One of the number one issues I have seen in entrepreneurs and leaders is working on too many ideas and projects that are not aligned with their goals, they don't get any personal benefit from, and frankly waste time that could be spent elsewhere...
*raising my hand* I admit to being guilty of that too...

By pursuing too many projects at a time:

#1. You never develop a project to its full potential. 

Multi-tasking is an attractive concept that takes way too much brain power away from that one thing you should be doing now and doing well.

#2. You constantly scramble to get from one place to the next.

Since you are overbooked with your different projects, it will be hard to be where you need to be or even say you will be to move every project forward at a proper pace (and you'll constantly disappoint those you love).

#3. You lose yourself to the priorities of others.

When you become the person to say yes to basically anyone who asks you to do something, you will gradually see that your desires, goals and needs will get lost in the shuffle of someone else's priorities. You're stuck in their forest when you should be building your own.

You might as well go work as an employee and/or fall in line with someone else's vision.

Having a stronger understanding of who you are will alleviate many of these issues. With this,"NO" will become a greater part of your vocabulary and you will have better focus on the projects you should take on, more time for yourself, and less frustration in your life. 

It's simply hard to say NO when you don't have a clear guide on what you really should or should not do with your own time.

We are all uniquely gifted to impact the world.

I believe God when He says everyone is gifted with different talents to make the world whole. 

Like a body has different parts necessary to function well as a whole, individuals are gifted with a specific mission that will help make the world a better place. 

I want to help you focus on what you are really here to do as an entrepreneur and leader as quickly as possible so you can get to it ASAP.


In the #YESFilter, you create tools based on who you are so you can emphatically say YES! to the things that really matter in building your business and life. 

This 8-module course helps you explore your true identity and clearly understand what you want so you can have a fulfilled life in business. You create boundaries for what you should say YES! to and give yourself permission to say NO to anything else. 

In this course, you will receive access to:

  • 8 action-packed modules
  • 4 bonuses
  • Live support from the convenience of your home (or other space of your choosing) 

This course begins on September 19, 2016. At midnight of that date, you will receive:

  • 24/7 access and a personal login to the course with digital and downloadable material.
  • Content available in video, audio and PDF formats to give you easy, convenient access to the learning material.
  • 10 day 100% money back guarantee.



The #YESFilter curriculum includes the following modules:


Become acquainted with the YES Filter as a tool and how it helps you gain direction in your life. Also learn more about me and why I'm sharing this curriculum now.


We all have a story about who we are today. Let's examine your current story and determine if it's fact or fiction.


Building on what you learned about yourself in the last module to craft a more accurate story.


Now that you have an overview of who you really are, this module takes you through refining your picture with the details beginning with what your life mission truly is.


Your reason for pursuing your mission is your purpose. Evaluating and owning the true purpose for your work drives you to stay focused, especially when distractions come your way.


Deciding on your core values will drive your ACTIONS. In module 6, you define the expectations you have for yourself and gain a quick checklist to measure against activities that compete for your time.


Create the legacy you see for your life. What outcome do you want your work to produce? You write it plainly in this module.


Now that you have your filter for staying true to yourself, what's next? Explore how to focus, create goals and more time in this conclusion.


  1. Downloadable worksheets, checklists
  2. Electronic poster with your mission, purpose and core values
  3. Life planner to help you stay focused going forward
  4. Access to a private Facebook group

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Own your true identity and grow more confident in what you already know with daily practices.
  • Say no to things irrelevant to your identity without hesitation.
  • Create time and space for your newly discovered (or affirmed) passion and give your life greater meaning.

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” —Brené Brown

Personal note from Yolanda:

I have a burning passion to see more people adopt entrepreneurship but I've realized one of the first steps is for people to have more focus and clarity. This course was created to support people who are or want to become entrepreneurs or leaders in their communities. They desire to know themselves better in order to pursue meaningful work and create strong outcomes accordingly. In this course, students discover their core identities by developing mission, purpose, values and vision statements for their lives in less than a month so they will enjoy richer experiences going forward.

Enrollment in the pilot version of the #YESFilter is open to a limited amount of people. 

Enrollment closes on Friday, September 16 at 11:59 PM (or until space runs out). The $147 price is only being offered for the pilot and will increase afterwards (since it will be a stronger program).

In the pilot, you can expect:

  • Module 1 will be available immediately. Modules 2-8 will be released beginning Monday, September 19, 2016.
  • Live office hours once per week (every Thursday through October 6).
  • Actionable homework in each module to keep you engaged and give you exactly what I have promised.
  • A private Facebook community to work through the program with like-minded peers. Every week, I will share prompts and you can get feedback on your work from your #YESFilter colleagues.
  • Matched accountability partners to support you in the process with more feedback.
  • Lifetime access to the course and Facebook community.

As a pilot student, all I ask of you is:

  1. Your payment.
  2. Candid feedback on each lesson.
  3. Review of your experience at the conclusion of the course.

Questions You May Have

1. What is a pilot course?

A pilot course is the first public offering of a course. As students of the course, you will help work out the kinks. I will be developing and testing SOME of the content while you are participating in this first round (a lot of it has already been created). 

As pilot students, expect some kinks in course delivery. The line is open for you to share those kinks and have them quickly corrected if relevant and necessary. That said, you will receive the value and outcome promised in the sales page.

When the course is offered again, new students will not receive the same price at the same value you received. This is a great deal that will help make your life run much more smoothly than it has in the past.

2. Do I have access to everything at once or will the modules be dripped over time?

In the pilot, you will have access to the first module at once so you can get started with pre-work along with the private Facebook group. From there, two modules will be released each week beginning when the course opens on September 19. If I receive feedback indicating a new lesson(s) may be valuable to add, it may be added during your time in the pilot. 

Accountability partners will be assigned no later than Wednesday, September 21. 

Live office hours will begin Thursday, September 22. 

3. How do you match accountability partners?

Partners will be matched by me according to your interests and similar goals to strengthen your results in the course and possibly create new partnerships from your time together. You will receive guidance and prompting questions to support your work together through each module.

Have any more questions? Contact me at

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you will gain a lot from this course including more time for you to enjoy life more (and make more income, if you are so inclined). 

If you do the work in this course, you will receive the stated results and (more quickly than doing it solo). 

But if you are unable to achieve these results, you will receive 100% of your money back.

Send me an email along with your completed worksheets and we'll go from there!

Yolanda Brown, MBA
Yolanda Brown, MBA

Yolanda Brown, MBA is a strategy consultant, speaker, and company founder helping business and community leaders know what they want to do and create plans to make that happen. With nearly 18 years in entrepreneurship, she is well-versed in marketing and strategic planning. She consults and coaches others on the best path in these areas for their business projects. She holds a Master of Business Administration from UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her 2 amazing sons keep her busy in Durham, NC though she loves to bake and improve her running habit. To learn more visit 

Yolanda Brown, MBA

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